Can listening to soothing music relieve tinnitus?

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Tinnitus and deafness are a common abnormal phenomenon in our lives, and many people are deeply troubled by it. When many people go to the hospital for examination, it turns out that there is no abnormality in their hearing, but they are still suffering from it.

Can listening to soothing music relieve tinnitus?

Listening to music can generally treat neurological tinnitus. Listening to some light music can regulate your mood and soothe your nerves, and can also have a certain effect on neurological tinnitus. However, the decision should be made based on the severity of your individual neurological tinnitus. If it is mild neurological tinnitus, you can It can be improved by listening to music. If the symptoms are severe, drug treatment, such as nerve-nourishing drugs, is needed to make the tinnitus disappear.

Music therapy can soothe your mood and emotions, and can emotionally improve mental anxiety, irritability, and excessive stress. In addition, through the sound of music, the noise or tinnitus sound can be covered up, so that people get used to listening to the sound of music. In this way, it is possible to completely cover up the tinnitus sound, and gradually make the tinnitus sound become smaller or disappear.

Tinnitus is a disorder of auditory function and a response of the auditory analyzer to suitable and inappropriate stimuli. Tinnitus is mostly noise and can be intermittent or continuous. There are many manifestations such as single frequency narrowband noise or white noise. There are many causes of tinnitus, which are often accompanied by symptoms of certain diseases, especially hard of hearing. Tinnitus can generally be divided into two categories: central and peripheral. Peripheral tinnitus is divided into subjective or non-pulsatile tinnitus and objective or pulsatile tinnitus according to whether it is heard by others. The former is more common and the latter is less common. Tinnitus is often related to high blood pressure, neurasthenia, or often to drug poisoning or eardrum defects caused by loud sound vibrations.

Several ways to relieve tinnitus.

1. Since stress is one of the causes of tinnitus, it is necessary to find a way to relieve stress that is suitable for you, which will play a certain role in alleviating tinnitus.
2. Don’t just be busy with work and ignore your body. Therefore, you should pay attention to adjusting your work rhythm and avoid excessive fatigue. Especially people with high work pressure should learn to self-regulate, relax appropriately, and achieve a balance between work and rest.
3. Learn to regulate your emotions appropriately and try your best toLose your temper less, and don't worry or be suspicious. It should be noted that if you have symptoms of anxiety and depression, you should take medication under the guidance of a doctor.
4. There are many white-collar workers who usually go out to socialize or work overtime because of work, and often rest very late or even stay up late. This situation should be avoided as much as possible. Ensuring sleep will be of great help in alleviating tinnitus.
5. Many menopausal women suffer from tinnitus due to endocrine disorders, so endocrine regulation is very necessary.

6. Since the inner ear of the human body is very fragile and can usually only withstand a volume of 90 decibels, it is very necessary to reduce noise stimulation. Therefore, do not wear headphones to listen to music for a long time, and try to reduce exposure to noisy sounds. The time spent in entertainment venues.

It is difficult to find the cause of tinnitus clinically. However, it is necessary to go to the hospital for relevant examinations to rule out other problems. Such as high blood pressure, diabetes, insufficient blood supply to the brain, etc. You can try sound therapy and listen to some soothing music to relieve the pain. You need to arrange your rest appropriately, don't stay up late, keep a good mood, do ear health exercises, and learn how to protect your ears.