Why do hearing-impaired children need language training?

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For hearing-impaired children, we emphasize early intervention, including early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, early amplification, and early training.
When parents discover that their children have poor hearing, they go to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment. If it is conductive deafness, with early treatment, the hearing can be restored. If it is sensorineural deafness, the hearing is mostly difficult to restore. The problem of sound amplification can only be solved through Hearing Aids.

Why do hearing-impaired children need language training?

Children with hearing aids require special language training institutions to train in order to hear better and improve deaf children's hearing ability. When children teeth, children who can not keep up with normal hearing children, so Having a dedicated language training teacher provide one-on-one training is more likely to help him improve his listening and speaking skills.

Being able to hear sounds does not necessarily mean that you can understand the language. It is easy for children to hear sounds. Even children with less residual hearing will not be able to understand the language once they are amplified by hearing aids. You can hear sounds, but it takes a process to understand them. Hearing sounds clearly is the key and foundation for understanding language. On the basis of hearing clearly, language training and learning are also required to truly understand the language.

Hearing aids only help to hear sounds that cannot be heard at ordinary times. If you want to speak well, you still need professional training. Generally, after wearing a hearing aid, it does not mean that a new ear is installed. Hearing aid users also have to go through a process of slowly relearning and exercising the auditory center of the brain.

In fact, hearing children are not able to speak as soon as they are born. During the embryonic period, they have already begun to accept various sounds from the mother’s body and outside the body. Stimulation, after birth, is reinforced by adult speech and semantics. For example, family members will tell the child what it is, and then repeat it many times to deepen its impression; even so, it requires at least one year of accumulation of auditory language experience. I just started babbling. It’s just that their language training and learning is carried out unconsciously, so it is called language acquisition.

Emphasizing the early use of hearing aids for speech training is to make early use of the function of the remaining hair cells in the inner ear and to develop the functions of the brain's intelligence and auditory speech center as early as possible. Only the hearing of the brain The center and speech center and the joint area between the two can get speech stimulation as early as possible and buildOnly by establishing connections can you master the ability and skills of listening and speaking.