A 2-year-old child cannot speak. Is it a hearing problem?

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The child is over two years old, but his speech is still sputtering word by word. The child’s language ability is obviously lagging behind other children of the same age. The mother is very anxious: Does the child have intellectual problems that cause him to speak late?

The child cannot speak at the age of 2 Speaking, is it a hearing problem?

The inability to speak in a 2-year-old child may be caused by delayed language development, problems with the hearing system, or problems with brain function.
If your child has abnormal hearing. He will not be able to hear external sounds and will not imitate external sounds, which will cause his language development to lag behind and not be able to speak. In this case, parents must check their hearing in time to help restore hearing as soon as possible.
There may be many reasons for the baby's speech, but if pathological conditions can be ruled out, such as problems with the baby's hearing, it may be interfered by the following factors.

01 Parents usually talk less to their babies, and the babies do not have a language environment to learn to speak
Some mothers take care of their babies themselves, and they may talk less to their babies when they are busy. In addition, if you are an introverted mother who doesn't like to talk, you won't be able to say a few words to your baby that day. If you don't create an environment for your baby to learn to speak, your baby will naturally speak later.
Suggestion: When the baby is learning to speak, you must talk to the baby more and tell the baby more; you can also take the baby out to play with other children to create a language environment for the baby to learn to speak, so that the baby will You can learn to speak quickly. 02 The language environment is complex, causing the baby to have misunderstandings and not knowing what to say
This point means that at home, the parents may speak Mandarin, and the old man or nanny who helps take care of the baby may speak the native dialect. This will give It is an illusion of the baby. For the same word, the baby may not understand whether he is following what his parents said or whether he is following what his grandparents said. Then the baby is not sure and may not say it.
Suggestion: Try to give the baby a unified language environment and speak Mandarin with the baby more; if the elderly are reallyIf you don’t speak Mandarin, don’t worry too much. As your baby grows up, he will learn to distinguish and speak.

03 Genetic factors, parents speak late and are not articulate
I have a colleague, her child is over two years old, can’t speak yet, and can only call him simple dad. Mom, she took her child to see her several times. The doctor said that there was nothing wrong with her child, but that she was probably talking late.
Later, I called an old expert for consultation. The expert also said that there should be no problem. He asked her and her child's father if they were late in talking when they were young, or if they usually don't speak eloquently. The speed is slower. She thought about it, and it seemed that it was true. When she was a child, she didn't speak until she was almost 2 years old, and she usually spoke slowly. Later, she was relieved. When she was two and a half years old, the child slowly began to speak more and more slowly. Many.
Therefore, genetics may also be a factor that affects the baby's speech. Parents who spoke late or spoke slowly when they were young may also affect the baby's speech.
If the first two reasons have been ruled out and you think it may be genetic factors, then you can wait patiently and help the baby practice more, and the baby will always speak.

In our real life, many parents still hold the psychological comfort that their children can heal themselves, ignore them and let them go freely. When a child is two or three years old, he cannot speak clearly, or when he is five or six years old, he rushes to seek medical treatment. This often delays the optimal stage of correction and rehabilitation, and ends up in pain. Still a child.

Thousands of parents are the same and have an unshirkable responsibility for the growth and education of their children. Maybe you have a successful career, but as long as you have children, you should know that your career cannot make up for the lack of family education. Children do not belong to the mother alone, nor to the father alone. Children's growth and education require the company of both parents. If you are sitting next to your child with a cell phone in your hand, quietly put it away.