What are the dangers of hearing loss?

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Hearing impairment itself is not life-threatening like many diseases, but its consequences on personal life are very serious. Hearing impairment may cause a person to lack self-confidence, anxiety, self-isolation, and fatigue... Hearing loss will also have a great impact on our daily communication, work and study. All these problems do not occur in isolation and are present in everyone. The performance on the body is also different.

What are the dangers of hearing loss?

People with normal hearing can distinguish hundreds of thousands of sound differences. Once something goes wrong, the problem will be more serious than imagined. Hearing loss will have an impact on our daily lives. More obviously, poor pronunciation of the language, inability to hear what others say, bad temper, and long-term communication difficulties can lead to a daze, especially among the elderly who are obviously dazed and unwilling to communicate.

The dangers of long-term hearing loss:
1. Hearing-impaired people cannot hear clearly or hear the wrong words, which will lead to difficulty in learning, difficulty in communication, and failure at work, etc. .
2. Hearing loss will bring about discrimination in life or employment, resulting in low self-esteem, high stress, depression in work, and reluctance to communicate with others.
3. Hearing loss will affect the development of the central nervous system, leading to atrophy of the auditory nerve, slower hearing, and slower brain thinking.
4. Hearing loss will cause people to lose many beautiful sounds in nature, and their ability to respond to social activities will be reduced.

Impact on life
1. Children: Affects speech and cognitive development, normal learning and life.
2. Young and middle-aged people: affects study, employment, marriage, life and social integration.

3. Old age: leading to communication and cognitive impairment and emotional depression. The incidence of Alzheimer's disease among elderly people with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss is respectively 2, 3 and 5 times that of those with normal hearing.

 In general, hearing loss will bring a lot of inconvenience to everyone's life. Therefore, if you find that your hearing has decreased, you should seek medical treatment promptly. If the hearing loss is permanent, timely intervention is necessary.

Most hearing losses are irreversible, and the internationally recognized effective solution is to wear Hearing Aids in time.

Generally, as long as you have residual hearing, you can wear a hearing aid for assistance. Therefore, once you find that you have relatives and friends with poor hearing, it is recommended to go to a professional hearing aid center as soon as possible. Check and choose a hearing aid that suits you based on your needs and hearing status to improve your quality of life.