High-frequency hearing loss, what is high-frequency hearing loss, and what is generally caused?

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Hearing loss is what we call hearing loss in our daily life. Once people suffer from hearing loss, it will not only affect people's normal life, but may also cause certain harm to people's bodies. Therefore, people You must pay attention to protecting your hearing in daily life, so that you can have a healthy body.

High-frequency hearing loss, what is high-frequency hearing loss, and how is it generally caused?

What is high-frequency hearing loss
The sounds in nature are divided into high-frequency and low-frequency. High-frequency sounds refer to sounds with higher vibration frequencies, generally above 2000 Hz. High-frequency hearing loss means that when receiving high-frequency sounds above 2000 Hz, the sensitivity will decrease compared with normal people.

The main reasons for high-frequency hearing loss are as follows:
The first is noise. When the noise is greater than 80 decibels, long-term ear stimulation can cause noise Deafness is often seen clinically. Some patients often wear high-pitched headphones. Long-term exposure to high-pitched stimulation can easily lead to high-frequency hearing loss in the ears;
The second is ototoxic drugs. Clinical studies have shown that ototoxic drugs The drug mainly attacks the hair cells of the inner ear, which is an important cause of high-frequency hearing loss. The hair cells of the inner ear are the main target organs of ototoxic drugs. In clinical practice, if patients use aminoglycoside drugs such as penicillin, they may cause high-frequency hearing loss. Hearing loss: Most ototoxic drugs will stimulate the inner ear hair cells, leading to a decrease in the function of the inner ear hair cells, causing high-frequency hearing loss. If the use of such drugs can be reduced, the symptoms of high-frequency hearing loss will be alleviated.
The third is heredity. Hearing loss is hereditary. If your family has high-frequency hearing loss, you will also have a higher probability of experiencing high-frequency hearing loss than others.
Although some friends with high-frequency hearing loss may think that I can hear everything, but just can’t hear clearly, and do not take hearing loss seriously, in fact, high-frequency hearing loss also has a great impact on listeners. .
The fourth is that some patients have insufficient blood supply to the inner ear, poor inner ear microcirculation, degeneration and necrosis of inner ear hair cells caused by inner ear ischemia, hypoxia, etc., and may also experience high-frequency hearing loss.

The fifth one is aging. As the human body ages, various organs and functions of the body will degenerate and age to varying degrees. For example, the hands and feet are not flexible, the eyes are presbyopic, and the ears will gradually become deaf. Moreover, as everyone's life pressure increases, the age at which senile hearing loss begins is gradually decreasing.

Why is hearing loss so difficult to detect in time?
For patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, it is less noticeable in a quiet environment because most sounds can still be heard. However, when the environment is filled with noise, their understanding of conversation becomesDifficult and strenuous. Interestingly, people with normal hearing and people with hearing loss have basically the same feelings about loud and unpleasant sounds. In other words, hearing-impaired people are also afraid of noise if the sound is loud. This is a big reason why hearing loss is often not noticed right away.
When a child's high-frequency hearing declines and he or she cannot hear some consonants clearly, this may affect the child's pronunciation and language development in the long run.
When adults suffer from high-frequency hearing loss, they may not be able to hear colleagues clearly when participating in multi-person meetings, which affects work; during family gatherings, they may not be able to hear family members’ conversations clearly, thus affecting the family. harmony.

The typical manifestation of presbycusis is high-frequency hearing loss. The elderly will feel that they can hear. It is normal for people to have difficulty hearing when they are old. However, research shows that hearing loss without intervention for a long time will also Increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

High-frequency hearing loss is very harmful and must be treated correctly
Slight high-frequency hearing loss will not have a great impact on the patient, but if this situation continues If the condition continues to worsen, it may lead to deafness. Therefore, you should go to the hospital for detailed examination as soon as possible and receive corresponding treatment according to the condition. Nerve-nourishing drugs, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B12, etc., can be used under the guidance of a doctor to help improve the nerve function of the inner ear and promote hearing recovery. In order to prevent continued hearing loss, Hearing Aids should be worn as early as possible. You can choose a behind-the-ear machine, which is easy to use and can quickly process various sounds. However, you may not be comfortable with it when you first use it, and it needs to be adjusted by a professional doctor based on the hearing loss.